FEBRUARY 12 & 13, 2022


Remember when you couldn’t stop smiling when you thought of your partner? How you couldn’t let a day pass without speaking? How it was before day-to-day duties dragged you both down and wore you out?

If you are committed to re-creating the love you felt for your partner when you first met, this workshop is for you. It will help you rediscover each other and give you the tools to move forward happily ever after.

Love that lasts is not a fairytale. As long as you know how to keep it going.

This workshop is for couples in any stage of their relationship who are committed to their relationship but are looking for that zing again. It is for couples who want that zing to never fade.

The (Re) Create Your Love Workshop is held over two afternoons. The special price of $365/couple includes a workbook for each participant. Transform your relationship today.

Please register now to reserve your spot at this discounted rate. Once you register you will receive the Zoom link and instructions.

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