About Me

Linda Freeman, MFA, MBA, Certified Life Coach

About Linda:
In 2004, Linda Freeman left a successful corporate career in a global career consulting firm to embark on a life guided by her passions, values and purpose: “To Be an Inspired and Inspirational Teacher and Help Transform People’s Lives.”

She is a swing dance teacher (www.Got2Lindy.com), yoga instructor (www.Blissbodyoga.com), writer and blogger. She and her husband have taught swing dance on cruise ships from Sydney to Singapore to the South Pacific. She also has taught workshops at Omega. She began Create your Life Workshops in 2017.

A personal statement from Linda:

I have always been on a life journey of learning, enrichment and discovery. As a result, I have had the joy of living my life in extraordinary ways corresponding to my values of autonomy, integrity, creativity, gratefulness and love. In 2004, I abandoned a well-paying corporate executive job to pursue a career as a swing dance teacher, yoga teacher and writer. But doing so allowed me to embark on a wonderful adventure that led me to the far reaches of the earth and continues to unfold in amazing ways. As I continued my life journey, people began to ask me for my “secret” to living such a full and amazing life.
In 2017, I decided the next step in my life adventure was to share the proven process I have developed, refined and used to create my incredible life.
CREATE YOUR LIFE WORKSHOPS are designed to foster your own personal growth and magical unfolding.